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OmniSuite 5.0 released

The OmniSuite team today released a major update of OmniSuite, the player and authoring-environment for spherical displays.

The highlight of this release is a completely new Controller application providing a modern graphical user interface.

Beside the new appearance, the usability was improved based on our experience and feedback from our users.

Also we managed to simplify the use of all OmniSuite applications by reworking procedures, removing techniques and merging applications without loosing functionality.

Natural History Museum St. Gallen

Starting in November 2016: Visit the new History Museum in St. Gallen (Switzerland) with an interactive OmniGlobe® 48 of the latest generation. Be impressed by fascinating animations and experience our planet in a new perspective.

new in OmniSuite 4.18

The OmniSuite Team has an update of OmniSuite, the powerful player and authoring-environment for spherical displays, ready for you to download. Watch the video about what's new:

more information in the Development Blog in OmniSuite's Catalog.

Custom Interactive Interfaces with OmniSuite

Example of a professional interactive Touchscreen Design with our Software OmniSuite realized by Science Center Technorama (Switzerland).

"Universum" world class again

The Universum Bremen reopened after a major renovation and update of their exhibits. Amongst others an interactive OmniGlobe® is now part of the science center in Bremen, Germany. The new Data Globe displays the complexity of our planet and how everything is interconnected (the weather, climate zones, ocean currents, etc.).

Follow the huge media coverage about the reopening of the Universum Bremen with pictures of our OmniGlobe® :

The World of Energy

A new installation in Krško (Slovenia) is now open to the public.
The World of Energy is an interactive multimedia center that takes visitors on a journey into the world of energy and energy technologies. It provides in-depth, evidence-based insights into:

  • energy and its applications in everyday life,
  • electricity production technologies, and
  • the economic, social and environmental dimensions of power generation.

The World of Energy

OmniSuite Developer Blog

In the Catalog Application of OmniSuite (since version 4.8) you can find the new OmniSuite Category. It offers you an overview over our powerfull software package OmniSuite. Download new versions and useful resources to get you started with the development of your own stories.

Webpage Relaunch

Welcome to our new Webpage!

  • Enter the new Showroom and get to know our products.
  • Take a look at the Reference list.
  • And stay updated

OmniGlobe 48 Dual HD

OmniGlobe 48 with Dual HD projector (120cm Ø )

  • Highest resolution, more than 2,8 Million pixel on screen (3 times more than single projector systems)
  • Dual Canon LCOS 5000 AS projectors
  • Patented optics, superior technology with matte finished low reflection screen
  • Best light distribution
  • Ultimate in image quality and high contrast
  • Solid design engineering for durable daily usage
  • Software OmniSuite for interactivity with audience

OmniGlobe at Max Planck Science Tunnel 3.0

The Max Planck Science Tunnel addresses the megatrends of the 21st century. It takes you on a journey through the major issues of basic research, from the origins of space, the idiosyncrasies of the wonder that is the brain, to the vision of sustainable energy supplies. Objects, illustrations, interviews, films and experiential media spaces of augmented reality provide an introduction to the topics, offer insights and create a network interlinking future technologies. The new Max Planck Science Tunnel occupy 800 square meters and premieres at the world's largest computer museum, the Heinz Nixdorf Museums in Germany before beginning its journey around the world.

Max Planck Science Tunnel 3.0

European Space Expo in Vienna

One of our globes simulating the orbits of Galileo satellites

The European Commission is launching the European Space Expo to show how space and its applications provide benefits to Europe's citizens. The Expo will highlight the critical role of the European Union in space and space-based technologies.

Through the investment in the flagship programmes of Galileo, EGNOS and GMES, the citizens of Europe will benefit from the many services and applications, which are expected to create global market opportunities and help to support job creation and economic growth.

Presented for the first time, visitors to the Expo can see, touch and experience the wide range of innovative technologies and services that space offers them.

European Space Expo

Swiss Science Center Technorama

Planet Earth - Cosmic Oasis
About the origin of the universe, of earth, of life.

The demonstration "Planet Earth - Cosmic Oasis" in the Technorama is about the issues that matter to mankind for millennia.

The new presentation is exceptional in the sense of scientific experience: A globe of 1.5 m diameter hovering in front of a panoramic screen that represents the cosmos in the exhibition room. On the globe changes are simulated that have shaped the face of the earth over billions of years, while in the background the moderator, astrophysicist Professor Dr. Bruno Deiss of the Physical Society of Frankfurt University takes the visitor on a journey through the most important stages of development of the universe and the earth.

Swiss Science Center Technorama

HEIM Technology Museum (Netherlands)

A new Exhibition called "E-MISSION" just opened at the "HEIM Technology Museum". In an experimental way you can discover all about renewable energy.

Here are some photos of our interactive globe

Aquarium Finisterrae (Spain)

A new Webgallery from our customer Aquarium Finisterrae in Spain.

Slideshow @ Flickr

World Economic Forum

One of our Globes at the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland).

The Globe shows different global risks like earthquakes, cyclones, global fires and a tsunami.

Innovations at Vulcania (France)

A television contribution about the innovations at Vulcania, one of our french customers.

Exhibition @ Deutsches Mueseum

Information about the Globe-Demonstration at Deutsches Museum in Munich (including a Demo-Video-Clip).

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Climate Week Hamburg

Togheter, the "Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum" and the "Max Planck Institute for Meteorology" presented different climatemodels with the ClimateGlobe at the "Hamburger Klimawoche".

2. Hamburger Klimawoche

ETH Zurich - focusTerra

An article about one of our Globes at the ETH Zurich and and its use for educational purposes.


Expedition Future - Science Express

On the road to a digital society

Image Gallery

The Swiss Technorama Science Center

A press Information about the Orbitarium at the Swiss Technorama Science Center, one of our first customers.

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